Trump Has Reportedly Told People Close To Him That If GOP Lawmakers Move To Convict Him – He’d Make Their Lives Miserable: “They Better Not Do This To Me”

He's never going to go away.

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Democratic leaders announced that they would kick off the process to begin the Senate impeachment trial on Monday, and it doesn’t appear that Donald Trump will take that news well. There will need to be at least 17 Republicans who would join with 50 Democrats to convict Trump and also bar him from ever running from office again. However, that doesn’t seem likely at this point with GOPers still seemingly afraid of the former president.

And why not – he acts like a mob boss. According to a report from the Daily Beast, Trump’s tone was of a threatening nature.

“Trump has told some people close to him that if Republican lawmakers moved to bar him from holding office ever again—a potential outcome of the impeachment trial—he could make their lives miserable by helping to establish a new right-wing party that could siphon off Republican voters in elections, according to two individuals with knowledge of his private remarks in recent days,” the outlet reports. “Trump has also this month discussed the prospects of supporting primary challengers and campaigning against elected Republicans who he feels were insufficiently loyal to him during his failed crusade to overturn the 2020 presidential election.”


‘“They better not do this to me,” Trump uttered during some of the final moments of his presidency, according to one of the sources who heard him say it,’ the report continues. “The source added that the now-former president was also complaining about how dumb and shortsighted Republicans would have to be to betray and get rid of their most popular and—to Trump—most successful political figure.”

“It’s a scenario that some prominent Republicans actively fear could split the party and benefit their progressive adversaries,” the Daily Beast reports.

“But for now, the president is intently monitoring the situation from his new home base in the Sunshine State, taking the temperature on who has his back, and on which players in the GOP—for which he remains the standard-bearer — are trying to expel him,” the outlet adds.

Ah yes, the old party over country schtick. We’ve become quite accustomed to that from Republicans, especially after the January 6th riot in which Trump supporters appeared to be hunting down Democratic lawmakers and even former vice president Mike Pence during the attack on the Capitol. And all of this happened at Trump’s direction — and that’s why he got impeached for the second time. If Republicans want him off their backs, they should vote to convict that lunatic, so he can never hold office again. He will never ever learn, and he will get worse.

You can read the rest of the report here.

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