Trump Is Desolate, Hitting Rock Bottom As Report Says The Scandal-Ridden Ex-President Feels “Hurt” By The “Very Disloyal” Republicans Who Are Daring To Run Against Him

This is rock bottom for Donald Trump.

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When it comes to former President Trump’s emotional state, the man certainly seems to have a history of leaning far more narcissistic than sensitive. Meaning he tends to get angry, rather than get his feelings hurt. At least on the surface, anyway.

Frankly, no one in this nation, no matter which side of the political fence you consider yourself to be on, is a stranger to Donald Trump’s unhinged fits of rage. If someone dares to cross him, or if he even believes that they have or plan to cross him, Trump tends to handle things with a no holds barred approach — screaming fits, social media meltdowns, threats of violence political and personal ruin, and even going so far as to fire a handful of people from his own administration via a tweet.

But as it turns out, it seems Trump is far more emotionally sensitive to that sense of betrayal than he’s ever been willing to let on in public.

New reporting from Semafor’s Shelby Talcott reveals that, behind closed doors, the scandal-ridden, disgraced former president is feeling “hurt” by the “very disloyal” Republicans who have or may soon be throwing their hats into the 2024 presidential ring, standing in direct opposition of his 3rd consecutive run for the White House, as his desperation to return to power only grows with each passing day.

Talcott spoke with one particular source very close to the Trump Campaign, who said that the one-term, twice-impeached ex-president was truly operating under the assumption that no one would even dare to try to run against him, because he’d grown accustomed to “six years of people sucking up to him” and constantly telling him “that he was the greatest president ever” — which was most likely nothing more than a desperate effort by those closest to him to soothe and assuage his fragile ego, in an attempt to mitigate a Trump blow-up.

Donald’s own advisors have repeatedly warned him that the constant petty complaints and attacks against any potential rivals who essentially didn’t ask his permission to run against him will likely not serve him well among voters, but it seems Trump truly couldn’t care less, as he continues to publicly rail against the “very disloyal” members of the Republican Party who have dared to challenge him for the GOP’s 2024 presidential nomination.

Trump is so obsessed with this, in fact, that the report points out that a crowded political playing field could actually be beneficial for the former president — but Trump just can’t find it in himself to set his ego aside long enough to consider that, or even really care.

It was a crowded field that secured Trump’s 2016 presidential nomination, as it served to split the non-Trump vote in the Republican primary and gave Trump a plurality of the total primary vote.

One GOP strategist told the publication, “I would view a crowded primary to be much like a repeat of 2016. I think the worst case for the Trump team would be if everyone else coalesced around one candidate.”

But it’s clear at this point that Donald lacks the emotional maturity it takes to accept or even begin to understand that, and instead just wants everyone to convene around him as the one and only winner.

Read the full piece from Semafor here.

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