Trump Is Living At Rock Bottom These Days, His Own Former Press Secretary Refused To Endorse Him For President In 2024, Even When Fox Tried To Prod Her Into Doing So

No one wants you, Donald.

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Let’s face it, Donald Trump hasn’t exactly been drowning in support from really any direction following his big 2024 presidential campaign launch, which came hot on the heels of the GOP’s rather dismal performance in the midterm elections. To be entirely frank, it seems as though the Republican Party as a whole has turned its back on the scandal-ridden former guy, as he desperately struggles to gain any campaign steam, or garner any support from even his most reliable demographics and donors.

When it comes down to it, to make matters that much worse for Trump as he struggles his way through this whole fiasco, it’s not just the establishment that has seemingly lost its love for the former reality TV “star.” It seems that Donald Trump is losing his support on a more personal level as well.

Trump’s former press secretary, turned current Republican Governor of Arkansas, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, recently made an appearance on a Fox News segment, where she openly refused to commit to endorsing her old boss in his 3rd consecutive run for president in 2024 — at least for now, anyway.

Sanders’ lack of commitment came during an appearance on Fox News Sunday, with anchor Shannon Bream, who pressed the freshly-sworn-in AR governor on whether or not she will throw her official endorsement behind the man who served as her boss for 3 years.

“Your bio, on your official page as Governor, describes you as a ‘trusted confidant of President Trump,'” Bream noted. “Have you talked to him about his ’24 run? Will you endorse him in that?”

Sanders didn’t slack on the praise for her old boss, but noticeably stopped short of actually endorsing his current presidential run in any way.

“I love the president, have a great relationship with him,” Sarah said in response. “I know our country would be infinitely better off if he was in office right now instead of Joe Biden. But right now, my focus isn’t 2024. It’s focusing here in Arkansas and doing what we can to empower the people of this state, and make sure that I’m delivering on the promises that I laid out over the course of the last two years.”

Bream wasn’t backing down just yet, though, and instead continued to seemingly prod Sanders for some actual commitment to the former guy, who’s resoundingly lacking in that department here lately.

“What kind of timeline would you have for making a decision?” the Fox host questioned. “Do you want to see who else gets into the primary? Will you wait for the nominee?”

Seeming to pull a page straight from her White House days playbook, Sanders danced around everywhere but the actual question.

“My focus isn’t on 2024,” Sarah said. “It’s on what we can deliver in this legislative session. I’m not going to set an arbitrary timeline. I’m not really focused on that at all.”

Bream tried again, albeit still futilely, to prod the governor into an official endorsement by pointing to a 2021 New York Magazine column that floated the notion of Huckabee Sanders as a potential vice presidential candidate. The article Bream cited pinned Sanders as a viable potential running mate for not only her former boss Donald Trump, but Trump’s nemesis (and the apparent current GOP pick) FL’s Ron DeSantis.

“You’ve just gotten sworn in,” the Fox host said. “Do you already feel the pressure of future speculation?”

Still, the Trump Era press secretary refused to bite.

“I feel the pressure of delivering this legislative session,” Huckabee Sanders said, rather dryly. “That’s the only thing that our team, and that I am focused on, is delivering on what we laid out to do.”

You can see the interview here:

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