Trump Is Now Taking Full Credit For Getting “Rid Of Roe V. Wade” When He Wasn’t Even In Office In Demented Newsmax Interview

He's proud.

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Donald Trump’s delusions are in full force and stronger than ever after he claimed full credit for the detrimental overturning of Roe V. Wade in the United States during a truly unhinged Tuesday night Newsmax interview with host Rob Schmitt.

Last year, the United States Supreme Court infamously ruled to overturn Roe V. Wade — the 1973 SCOTUS decision that protected a woman’s right to reproductive healthcare in this country, including access to abortions. This historically catastrophic decision was undeniably a direct result of the Conservatively stacked Supreme Court with a disturbing 6-3 ratio in the GOP’s favor thanks in large part to the 3 Trump-appointed justices — Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh, and Amy Coney Barrett.

During the interview, Schmitt attempted to question Trump as to whether a full ban on any abortions past the six-week gestation point would be “going too far.” The question is a viable one, as experts have pointed out that the math behind a 6-week abortion ban is downright cruel, unusual, and atrocious given that most uterus-owners are unable to even determine that they’re pregnant until after the 6-week mark when it’s already too late for a procedure according to the new Handmaid Tale style laws.

“Do you think that six weeks is going too far?” the host questioned the former president. “Is that going to doom Republicans with the moderates in this country when it comes to 2024?”

In true Trump fashion, the scandal-ridden former president immediately jumped on the opportunity to climb up on his high horse and take full credit for the whole thing — despite the fact that he literally wasn’t even in office at the time of the Roe overturning and hadn’t been for some time.

“Rob, first of all, I’m the one that got rid of Roe v Wade and everybody said that was an impossible thing to do,” Trump replied as he clawed his way up onto his proverbial soapbox. “I put on three Supreme Court justices. Very few people have had that privilege, the honor, and they are terrific people. And they happen to believe that Roe v Wade should not be there. It’s been now brought back to the states.”

Of course, he didn’t stop there, though.

“And what I’ve done is I’ve given the pro-life people who are wonderful people and loving people,” Trump added, clearly laying it on thick for the network’s Right-wing viewers. “I’ve given them the power of negotiation because now they’re able to negotiate something that’s going to be very important.”

However, despite Trump’s incessant running of the mouth, the former president made it clear without flat-out saying as much during his recent CNN town hall that he’s doing his best to attempt to play both sides of the abortion political field, as he refused to commit to enacting a federal ban on abortion when Collins pressed him on the subject. It seems even Trump knows that rich, white, Right-wing ladies are big fans of abortions themselves, they just don’t want you to know about it.

See the clip of the interview here:

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