Trump Jr. Shared Photo Of Himself Where It Appears He’s Shooting A Gun Featuring An Image Of Hillary Clinton Behind Bars

What absolute walnut.

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Super-duper tough guy Donald Trump Jr. looks like he’s ready to enlist in his Dad’s war in a photo of himself he posted on Instagram. Junior posted the photo of his dumb face with his stupid arms holding an AR-15 that has a custom-painted magazine depicting former Secretary of State and former First Lady Hillary Clinton’s face behind bars, along with a crusader’s cross because Jesus always carried an AR when He was smiting Him some bitches.

“Nice day at the range,” Junior wrote. “Adding a little extra awesome to my AR and that mag.”

Twitter users were just wondering if Junior was OK.

The word “CRUSADER” emblazoned on the AR is a nice shout out to his father’s evangelical base who are hoping the “president” can usher in the End Times while the rest of us would just like some peace for a change.

In case you don’t feel sick enough to your stomach after that image of the immature First Brat featuring his continued obsession with Hillary Clinton, a poll reveals that Junior and Ivanka Trump rank among the top four Republicans being considered by GOP voters for the 2024 presidential nomination.

While some of the commenters on Instagram wrote, “Lock her up!” Hillary Clinton is living her best life and she was not impeached, nor was she afraid to testify for 11 hours without breaking a sweat, unlike Junior’s cowardly father.

Featured image via Political Tribune gallery

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