Trump Just Sent Out A Tweet About Hanukkah, Instantly Regrets It Seconds Later

I'm surprised he didn't delete this!

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Donald Trump has ended the weekend by closing out the G20 summit in Argentina and humiliating himself both online and offline. Just a few hours ago, footage emerged of Trump f*cking up the last photo op of the summit by walking offstage and trying to flee the scene when he was supposed to pose with other world leaders. To top it all off, he then sent out an embarrassing tweet about Hanukkah on Twitter, only to be blasted for it immediately.

Trump tweeted:

This week, Jews around the world will celebrate the miracles of Hanukkah. @FLOTUS Melania and I send our very best wishes for a blessed and Happy Hanukkah!”

Justice was swift. Remembering all the times that Trump had embraced neo-Nazis and failed to condemn white nationalism, Twitter users didn’t hesitate to tell the president that his Hanukkah wishes weren’t welcome. Here are just some of the brutal responses:

Trump should just stop tweeting altogether – everyone would be so much happier.

Featured image via screen capture

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