Trump Kicks Off His Memorial Day Weekend Speech To “Honor” Vets But Ends Up Trashing Pelosi: “These People Are Sick”

"Me, me, me, me, me!"

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While most Americans are sheltering at home to flatten the coronavirus curve as nearly one hundred thousand Americans have died from COVID-19, Donald Trump offered a speech to “honor” our country’s veterans who served in the US Armed Forces — but it appears that the president went off-script. This president has no filter, lacks empathy, and makes every event about himself — and he just did it again.

Trump is supposed to be honoring our country’s veterans, but instead, he turned his speech into a MAGA event by bashing the Chinese, touting his action on the coronavirus even though all we’ve seen is inaction and fumbling from the president amid the national crisis, and bashing House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Trump falsely claimed that Pelosi was “dancing in the streets of Chinatown,” and added that “these people are sick.”


That’s not what happened, though.

Trump really shouldn’t bring up the word “sick” since far more than one and a half million Americans have contracted COVID-19, the disease this president did not take seriously when he first learned of the looming threat. And not everyone has been tested, so that figure only applies to those who have, obviously. More than thirty-eight million Americans are now unemployed.

The New York Times reported that the delays in locking down states cost around thirty-six thousand American lives. Meanwhile, Trump is pushing to reopen the economy to boost his reelection chances as he flounders in the polls. Trump’s massive ego needs to be fed daily, and kicking off Memorial Day weekend was just more of the same from this president who, by the way, did not serve in the military because his feet hurt.

We’re only surprised Trump didn’t try to make “Obamagate” a thing during his speech this morning or refer to the presumptive Democratic nominee as “Sleepy” Joe Biden.

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