Republican Sources Claim Trump Is Upset That He Is Not As Respected As Former President Obama

What an idiot.

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It’s certainly no secret that Donald Trump has a huge green streak of all-consuming envy when it comes to his predecessor, Barack Obama. He’s been harping on the guy since the days of his 2016 campaign.

Over the years, Trump has hit his forerunner with everything from Birther conspiracies to “Pizzagate” allegations.

Now that the presidential election is rapidly approaching, and Obama’s very own former Vice President is set to go head to head with Trump, he and his administration have been doubling down on their attacks against the former POTUS in an attempt to discredit him as a viable surrogate for Biden — all in the form of Donald’s newest conspiracy theory, “Obamagate.”

But according to a recent report from The Guardian, who spoke with several Trump insiders, there looks to be a more personal reason behind Trump’s disdain for the guy that came before him.

Tara Setmayer, the host of the Honestly Speaking podcast and former Republican communications director on Capitol Hill, theorized, “First off, Donald Trump has a problem where I think he’s just jealous of the fact that President Obama is still so admired. Number two, I think he has a problem with people of color who are in authority that don’t do the kind of song and dance that he wants them to do.”

But former Justice Department spokesperson Mathew Miller really hit the nail on the head in my opinion when he took his theory a step further still.

“There’s some racism there but, most of all, it’s driven by the fact that Obama has the thing that Trump has always craved but never achieved, and that’s respect. I’ve always thought that the respect that Barack Obama gets from people in this country and around the world is something that just eats Trump alive inside.”

In the end, it really and truly boils down to the fact that Donald Trump can’t stand knowing that Barack Obama is a beloved and revered pillar of society, even long after his presidency is over, while he is hated the world around.

Here’s a little tip, Donald. Don’t literally kill people and perhaps we wouldn’t hate you so much.

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