Trump Kicks Off His Morning By Calling On His Supporters To Harass Steve Jobs’ Widow After She Reportedly Donated To Biden’s Campaign: “Call Her, Write Her, Let Her Know How You Feel!!!”

What an embarrassment.

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Donald Trump launched an attack on Steve Jobs’ widow early Sunday morning, sharing Charlie Kirk’s — the founder of a right-wing shithole — tweet that states that Laurene Powell Jobs donated to Democratic nominee Joe Biden’s campaign. Trump is trying to discount the bombshell report from The Atlantic by calling on his supporters to harass Mrs. Jobs, whose philanthropy organization Emerson Collective owns the magazine.

The outlet’s report of Trump’s disparaging remarks about veterans and military members has been backed up by the Associated Press and even Fox News. And we’ve all witnessed Trump’s disgusting attack on a Gold Star family and the late Sen. John McCain for being a prisoner of war. So, Trump is calling on his lint-linking base to call and write a widow – which seems very on-brand for this president.

Twitter users jumped in.

The Atlantic published an article earlier this week that alleges that Trump called fallen military service members and prisoners of war “losers” and “suckers.” One only needs to look at Trump’s past remarks to confirm the story.

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