Trump Literally Claimed That Foreign World Leaders Call Him Up Asking For His Endorsement And We Couldn’t Make This Up If We Tried: “I’m The King Of Endorsements… It’s Other Countries”

This is honestly HILARIOUS.

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Disgraced ex-President Donald Trump recently participated in a lengthy new interview with Washington Post reporter Josh Dawsey and the whole thing was chock full of all the unhinged nonsense we’ve come to expect and loathe from the former guy — including his proud admission that he regrets not marching to the Capitol building with his supporters on January 6th, as well as his unhinged response to his daughter Ivanka’s 8-hour testimony before the House Select Committee.

But out of that entire dumpster fire of a 45-minute-long Trump interview, this part right here was by far the most hilarious.

As we’re all well aware, Trump remains of the belief that his political endorsements are somehow worth his own weight in gold. In fact, it seems he’s made the world of endorsements his makeshift “job” since leaving the White House in a cloud of shame, disappointment, and conspiracy theories. But now, Trump is taking things a step further still with his new claim that it’s not just US Republicans who regularly call him up to try to win his support in their upcoming elections. According to Donald, literal foreign world leaders do too.

“These other leaders, they want endorsements,” Trump said during the extensive WaPo interview. “I’m the king of endorsements. It’s more than just this country. It’s other countries.”

Recently, Trump also claimed that Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orban credited his recent election win to an endorsement from the ex-president.

“After I endorsed him, he went up like a rocket ship,” the former guy claimed.

In the interview, Trump refused to name-drop the other foreign world leaders who have allegedly asked him for a political endorsement and also wouldn’t say whether or not he would be honoring their alleged requests.

“You’ll see,” is all the one-term, twice-impeached former president had to say about it.

Read the full report on Trump’s new interview from the Washington Post here.

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