Trump Panicked Over The Mar-A-Lago Docs Investigation, But A Legal Expert Said He’s Terrified Of The Wrong Thing, Faces Far “Greater Legal Threat” From Mounting GA Investigation

He's freaking out over the wrong thing...

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There’s no denying at this point that Donald Trump is absolutely losing his mind over the recent search and seizure warrant raid that was executed by the FBI against the ex-president’s Mar-a-Lago estate that he’s called home ever since the disastrous end of his presidential term. His social media posts alone are enough proof of that.

But according to one leading trial lawyer in Georgia, the scandal-ridden ex-president is spending his time and energy freaking out about the wrong legal problem.

Georgia’s Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis is currently conducting a grand jury investigation into whether or not Donald Trump broke Georgia state law when he called Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger and all but demanded that the state official “find” enough votes to overturn Joe Biden’s 2020 presidential election win in the traditionally red southern state. It’s the very same investigation that South Carolina Republican Senator Lindsey Graham has been subpoenaed over.

Ronald Carlson of the University of Georgia’s law school sat for an interview with The Guardian and explained that if you take a close look at precedent and history, you’ll find that mishandling of government documents has historically earned perpetrators not much more than a slap on the wrist for their wrongdoings. However, the crimes that the state of Georgia is currently investigating against the 45th president are where true, hef criminal charges lie.

The Guardian’s Chris McGreal points out in his report that there are three major legal scandals that Donald Trump currently has crashing in around him: The Department of Justice’s investigation into the stolen boxes of classified government documents that were taken to his Palm Beach compound and hidden from authorities, The ongoing New York investigation into his family company, the Trump Organization, and potential financial fraud within the business, and the Georgia Grand Jury investigation into possible election tampering.

Carlson spoke specifically of the GA Grand Jury investigation, saying, “It’s a greater legal threat to the president and some of his followers than any of the other investigations which are going on right now. Some of the potential charges carry very serious penalties.”

“Carlson said that even if Trump were prosecuted for removing classified papers from the White House, other officials who have mishandled secret material received only misdemeanor convictions and probation, such as the former CIA director David Petraeus,” McGreal writes in his report on the matter for The Guardian. “He said the New York investigations into allegations of financial fraud are focussed more on Trump’s businesses than on the former president. It remains unclear what, if any, criminal charges might come out of Congress’s investigation into the 6 January, 2021 assault on Congress.”

The leading GA trial attorney went on to further make his case, explaining in the interview, “The focus for this grand jury is solicitation of election fraud. Presumably most of the evidence that they’re receiving will focus on that. Then there will be making false statements to state or other governmental bodies. The creation of a slate of electors, which took the position that Trump had won the election, will come under that sort of umbrella. Then we’ll probably have the grand jury looking at criminal conspiracy and violation of oath of office.”

“The special grand jury can sit until next May, giving it plenty of time to gather evidence. But unlike regular grand juries, which meet for only two months and issue indictments, it can only submit a report recommending prosecution. Willis must then decide whether to follow that recommendation and appoint a regular grand jury to seek an indictment against Trump or anyone else. Carlson predicted that if the special grand jury recommends prosecution, the district attorney will go ahead,” The Guardian’s report reads, with Carlson going on to personally add, “She’s a very vigorous and bold advocate. I believe that she will follow through.”

Read the full report from The Guardian here.

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