Trump Proudly Told A Women’s Group That The Democrats “Want To Take Away Your Washing Machines And Your Dryers”

We couldn't make this up if we tried...

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So often, I find myself telling readers, “We couldn’t make this up if we tried.” So much so that I often find myself wondering and worrying if the cliche statement has begun to lose its effect. But, when it comes to scandal-plagued former President Trump, there is so often nothing else I can really say in response to some of his outlandish antics.

As we’re all well aware at this point, Donald Trump is going through what is undeniably the worst legal peril he has ever faced in his life, as he wades through literal dozens of formal, criminal indictments against him, on both a state and federal level, including multiple felony offenses, that will go down in history books to be read and studied by our grandchildren some day.

But nevertheless, Trump has consistently attempted to put on a facade of confidence, arrogance, and innocence against the array of charges lodged against him, especially as he gears up for his 3rd consecutive run for the White House.

Suffice it to say, Donald Trump is more desperate than he’s ever been for everyone, anyone, to vote for him in the impending presidential election — I suppose even if it means he’s watching the votes come in from a jail cell.

As such, the big guy is doing his best to appeal to all of the potential bases of voters as the 2024 election season closes in on us. But, if this is how he’s going to go about it, I’m frankly not too concerned that he’ll ultimately be successful.

The disgraced, scandal-ridden former president made an appearance at a Federation of Republican Women event in Concord, New Hampshire, where he used his big speech to whine and complain about the Left-led push for cleaner energy in the US, including electric appliances. In the course of his complaints, he essentially told a room full of women that all they’re really good for is cooking and cleaning, as he told the crowd that Democrats are plotting to “take away” their washing machines and clothes dryers.

“It’s so destructive,” the ex-president ranted to the crowd of women. “All electric, all-electric everything. Now they want to take away your gas stoves. Does anybody like gas better? You cook a lot more than I do.”

“But they want to take it away,” Trump dramatically declared. “They want to take away your washing machines and your dryers. They don’t want to give you any water for the washing machine. Even though you have so much water, you don’t know what the hell to do with it up here. It flows out into the ocean.”

It’s worth noting here that, during his time in office, Trump was personally responsible for placing tariffs on washing machines that directly made the household appliance far more difficult for the average American to afford.

See the clip of Trump’s insane rant here:

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