Trump Reportedly Considers Pulling Endorsement For Madison Cawthorn Because He’s “Weirded Out” By Recent Scandals, Allegedly Asked If GOP Lawmaker Was Accused Of “F**king His Cousin”


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Republican House Rep. Madison Cawthorn has been the center of, well, let’s call it a whole lot of controversy here lately — after leaked past photos and videos have seemingly shown the ultra-Conservative lawmaker defying his “values” by dressing in women’s lingerie while posing with females and engaging in seemingly sexual behavior with members of the same sex. The controversy surrounding Cawthorn has become so unhinged, in fact, that it’s reportedly left ex-President Donald Trump “weirded out” by the congressman’s “gross” behavior, and apparently has Trump weighing the possibility of actually pulling his Cawthorn endorsement.

Rolling Stone first reported on Donald Trump’s allegedly repulsed reaction to the new Cawthorn scandal, after the Republican lawmaker was busted in photos published by Politico on April 22nd, posing with two women while dressed in lingerie. Just a few days later, on the 28th, a video was published by the DailyMail that featured Cawthorn with a male staffer who has his hand down near the lawmaker’s groin, as Madison says, “I feel the passion and desire and would like to see a naked body beneath my hands.” In just a few more days after that, Cawthorn himself confirmed the authenticity of a newly leaked video that showed him dry-humping another man while completely nude.

For the “leader” of a party that’s sworn to loathe and despise the LGBTQ+ community, you can see why Donald Trump is reacting the way he is to these newest revelations.

According to the Rolling Stone, Trump hasn’t held back his disgust with regard to the recent leaks of the candidate he openly endorsed not long ago:

[A] source said that lately Trump had voiced bewilderment and disgusted confusion about what he’d been told of the flood of leaks and footage, asking at one point in recent days if one of the allegations was that Cawthorn was ‘fucking his cousin?’ (That is not one of the allegations. Instead, Cawthorn’s cousin, who is also on his staff, appears in some of the videos where sex is discussed.)

Former ‘President Trump is completely weirded out by the allegations,’ a third source, a Trump ally, bluntly relayed to Rolling Stone.

‘President Trump is my friend and the leader of our party. I don’t trust anonymous sources and nameless accusations,’ Cawthorn tells Rolling Stone in a statement. ‘The fake news attacks MAGA warriors every single day. Their lies won’t distract me from fighting for an America First agenda in Congress.'”

According to the publication, pretty much the only thing keeping Cawthorn in Trump’s good graces is his devotion and loyalty to the ex-president’s Big Lie — something that’s becoming more and more of a rarity among the GOP these days. Trump has allegedly said that while Madison Cawthorn needs to “get his act together,” he believes the Republican lawmaker has “good” opinions about the things that matter most to Donald Trump — which basically means the bullsh*t notion of a stolen, rigged election.

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