Marjorie Taylor Greene Just Stooped To A Whole New Low, Attacked Nancy Pelosi’s Hairstyle: “She Doesn’t Look Good – We All Know It”

Girl, you are the LAST person to be dogging someone's looks.

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Georgia GOP House Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene is already one of the worst human beings the Republican Party has to offer this country. But apparently, the woman is vying with herself to see just how truly awful she can get.

Stooping to a whole new level of depravity, the Grand Old Party’s biggest embarrassment publicly insulted Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s physical appearance during a recent interview.

Greene was making an appearance on Real America’s Voice when she began to whine and complain about the recent vote to raise the debt ceiling that’s all the rage in the Republican news cycle these days.

“We could have voted on this next week when we’re supposed to be here,” Greene griped to the show’s host Steve Bannon. “It’s also a bad thing when Congress is in session.”

“Why did they want to do [the vote] last night?” Bannon questioned in response.

“So Nancy Pelosi can look good,” Green answered, obviously complaining. “So she doesn’t look like a lame-duck Speaker. Because Nancy Pelosi obviously has got to look good. That’s why she’s got to get her hair blown out when all the hair salons and everything shut down in California. She’s got to look good!”

Bannon responded with a hearty laugh, chortling, “You went there!”

“It’s the truth,” Marjorie replied, thick with snark. “She doesn’t look good. We all know it.”

Frankly, we here at Political Tribune try not to “go there” when it comes to people’s physical looks. Honestly, there is plenty of depravity to cover when it comes to the Republican Party in this nation without ever having to touch someone’s appearance. However, if we are going there, we’ve all seen your troll feet, Ms. Marjorie. Quite frankly, you’re the last person walking the earth that gets any room to shit talk the way someone looks.

You can watch the Real America’s Voice clip with Marjorie Taylor Greene and Steve Bannon here:

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