Trump Reportedly Forks Over Enormous Fine To Settle Lawsuit Alleging He Funneled Campaign Money Into His Own DC Hotel, As Another Investigation Gains Massive Steam

It just keeps getting worse and worse for Trump.

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Suffice it to say, Donald Trump can’t win for losing these days, as the investigations, probes, and lawsuits against him continue to roll in deep. It seems no sooner than he settles one thing, he’s neck-deep in another that’s gaining steam.

As we speak, a special grand jury in Georgia has begun to dive into the evidence suggesting that now ex-President Donald Trump personally attempted to interfere in the state’s results of the 2020 presidential election (when they broke precedent and went blue for Joe Biden), specifically through his infamous call with Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, where Trump allegedly tried to pressure the GA official to change the vote totals.

As that investigation gains a massive amount of new steam, a new report from the New York Times claims the disgraced former guy was just forced to fork over an enormous fine in an effort to settle a different legal issue lodged against him.

The Times reports that the Trump family business in conjunction with the ex-president’s 2017 inauguration committee has agreed to jointly pay out a staggering $750,000 fine in connection to allegations claiming that they funneled Trump campaign money into the coffers at the Trump International Hotel in Washington.

Eric Lipton reports for the Times that the agreement to pay the massive fine does not come with an admission of guilt on the former president’s part.

The Trump Hotel has undoubtedly been the epicenter of heavy scrutiny over numerous possible ethics violations throughout Trump’s presidency. On the heels of this new agreement, the hotel lease has been sold and is set to soon be converted to a Waldorf Astoria, no longer bearing the Trump name or branding.

The report notes, “… the payment amounted to nearly three-quarters of the $1.03 million that the lawsuit, filed by Attorney General Karl Racine of Washington, said had been paid to Mr. Trump’s hotel by the nonprofit inaugural committee to rent out space at what Mr. Racine asserted was an above-market rate and then use it in part to host a private reception for Mr. Trump’s children on the evening he was sworn in as president.”

Racine said the funding from the fine against Donald Trump would be split between two D.C.-area nonprofits, saying in a statement, “After he was elected, one of the first actions Donald Trump took was illegally using his own inauguration to enrich his family. Nonprofit funds cannot be used to line the pockets of individuals, no matter how powerful they are.”

You can read the full report right here.

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