Trump Reportedly Refused To Answer Some Questions Under Oath During Deposition For Assault Lawsuit Involving His Security Team

Well, I'm honestly not surprised.

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Today, disgraced ex-President Donald Trump sat for an approximately 4-hour long deposition, under oath, in connection to a lawsuit alleging that the Trump Tower security team attacked and assaulted a group of activists outside of the establishment while they were in the middle of an immigration protest in 2015.

The activists involved in the lawsuit claim that they were assaulted by the now-ex-President’s security team, outside of the Trump Tower Hotel, while protesting Donald Trump’s (who was then a presidential candidate ahead of the 2016 election) comments claiming that Mexican immigrants were nothing more than rapists and criminals.

A new report from The Daily Beast reveals that during today’s deposition in connection to the lawsuit, there were several questions that the now-former President refused to answer, according to the attorney for the allegedly assaulted activists, Benjamin Dictor.

Speaking with The Beast, Dictor said, “This deposition was like any other deposition of an employer who was a defendant in a civil matter. Everything proceeded professionally.”

“On Monday, the ex-president was expected to be questioned about whether he authorized or condoned his henchmen to manhandle protesters or otherwise remove activists from his events in general, as well as what role one particular guard—Keith Schiller—played in Trump’s inner circle,” the report from The Daily Beast reads. “Among the other potential subjects of inquiry on Monday was Matthew Calamari, the Trump Organization’s chief operating officer and former director of security who was present the day of the rally. Last month, sources told The Daily Beast that Calamari was under scrutiny by Manhattan prosecutors as part of a tax fraud probe into the business and its executives.”

To read more on Trump’s deposition today, you can find the full report from The Daily Beast here.

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