Trump Responds To Debate Commissions Rule Change For The Next Two Debates And Americans Are Dumbfounded

Would he just shut up man?

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We all bore witness to the utter insanity labeled as a debate this week and even in the chaos a lot of things could be gleaned from the debacle — Donald Trump being declared the winner is not one of those things. Despite this Donnie and his minions have been claiming victory even though there is little to no evidence to back this up. There are two likely scenarios that led Trump to label himself the winner, one more likely than the other.

One: he is basing his victory entirely off a singular Breitbart poll that puts him above 70% favorability, which is unsurprising when you consider it is a rampant cesspool of Trumpism. But the more likely scenario is that Trump is entirely disregarding any sort of numerical data and his narcissism has him convinced that he was indeed the victor. Had he let Biden have his time to speak, the truth would be revealed and his grand delusion would unravel. Instead one of the prevailing descriptors for Trump’s performance that evening was “Crackhead.”

In denial of his total defeat, we are gifted with this:

Not only is he disillusioned enough to think that he won, he probably doesn’t realize that the rule change was sparked from his ceaseless arguing with both his opponent and the moderator. If you want to see what real people think of your so-called debate performance just look to Twitter.

Of course, Trump lost every single debate against Hilary Clinton in 2016, but not like this — it wasn’t *failing to denounce white supremacy* bad. I think Joe Biden spoke for most of that night like he will speak for America in 2021.

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Chris Gifford