Trump Retweeted Disturbing Video From Disgraced Actor Attacking Fox News And Promoting OAN And Newsmax

Well, this is disturbing.

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Donald Trump took to Twitter to retweet posts by actor Randy Quaid. At one time, Quaid and his crazy-time wife, Evi, were fugitives, and I’m not sure if the couple still has warrants out on them or not. The two fled to Canada at one point to escape an alleged group of people in Hollywood they claimed were going to kill them. Also, they squatted on someone’s property. In 2009, the couple stayed at the San Ysidro Ranch Hotel and skipped out on a $10,000 bill. Then, they had attempted to pay the bill with a fraudulent credit card. What I’m getting at here is that Randy Quaid is not a stable person, to say the least.

So, of course, our one-term impeached president retweeted Quaid multiple times this morning, and it’s peak 2020. This video is a glimpse into the mind of a mentally ill person — and it also displays how much of a grudge this president holds:


Trump is now calling on Republicans to take advice from Randy Quaid:


Trump retweeted this video of Quaid from 2019.

To highlight how unstable Quaid is — as if you needed further proof — here’s another bizarre tweet of his:

Trump attacked Fox News and demanded the election be rerun during his early morning tweetstorm that featured false voter fraud allegations that were quickly labeled by Twitter. This was not even a close election as President-elect Joe Biden handily won the popular and electoral vote. What’s clear is that Trump’s narcissism has sustained an injury, and what’s equally disturbing is that he has the nuclear codes. And for Trump to circulate Quaid’s tweets during the pandemic and economic crisis is unforgivable. The American people have suffered enough.

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