Trump Runs Away From The Press After His Briefing Without Taking A Single Question

Stressed out about something, Mr. Trump?

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Donald Trump was supposed to hold a news conference on Friday with the Rose Garden set up for reporters, but of course, the president ran away at the end of the presser without taking one single question. Trump has a lot to answer for. On Thursday, Trump shared a tweet that included a video clip of the founder of “Cowboys for Trump,” saying, “The only good Democrat is a dead Democrat.”

Just before the presser, Trump took to Twitter to backpedal his latest violent tweet, but considering that the last one has yet to be clarified,  his walk-back just doesn’t hold water. Late last night, Trump tweeted out, in part, “When the looting starts, the shooting starts.” Trump was promoting violence against protesters in the wake of the murder of George Floyd by the Minnesota police.

None of that was addressed during Trump’s news conference (that wasn’t a news conference). What Donald gave us was a statement. Trump did announce that he’s terminating the relationship with the WHO, which of course, is another unfortunate move from this president. And then he ran from reporters just like he ran from the coronavirus and the Vietnam War.


Twitter users noticed that, too.

Trump has shown no sign of grieving for the more than one hundred thousand Americans who have died on his watch, and the forty million-plus Americans who have suddenly found themselves jobless as they shelter at home to flatten the coronavirus curve.

So, the president spends his time shitposting violent rhetoric on Twitter but can’t take a question about it from a reporter. Instead, Donald J. Trump ran from reporters like a little coward. How embarrassing for Trump supporters. Their president was afraid of a question. Trump is also scared he’s over his head as we see him quickly unraveling amid a national crisis.

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