Trump Says In Interview That Questions About His “Brain Power” All “Literally Disappeared” After He Aced The “Mentality Test”

He is broken.

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Donald Trump likes to brag about things he personally hasn’t achieved, but the former reality show star will take credit for what others have accomplished. Trump, who can’t seem to form a coherent sentence, has also claimed on a couple of occasions that he’s a “stable genius,” and pretty much the opposite is true. Experts have previously sounded out about Trump’s cognitive decline, and to further prove that the president isn’t all there, he has continued to brag over acing a simple test in which he correctly pointed out an image of an elephant, and repeated the words “person, woman, man, camera, TV” in order.

Trump was interviewed on Geraldo Rivera’s Cleveland show, and it was, of course, bonkers. Trump’s interview with Axios reporter Jonathan Swan was widely panned and mocked, but the president insisted that “A lot of people liked that interview.”

Geraldo then asked Trump if presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden should take the same cognitive test Trump took, with the “People, world, whatever.”

Trump responded to say, yes, and added that people always show the easy first questions, but “a lot of people wouldn’t get those last questions right.”


Trump continued to lavish praise on himself for the results of his cognitive test that he called a “mentality test.” Trump insisted that after he took the test, “all of the” criticism relating to his “brain power” just “literally disappeared.”


We’re not sure why Trump supporters haven’t woken up from the fog to see that they are worshipping a man who is mentally declining and is profoundly stupid.

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