Trump Seemed To Ignore Or Forget His Daughter Tiffany’s Birthday, Internet Reminded Him

He doesn't forget Ivanka!

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Did you know that Trump’s youngest daughter, Tiffany Trump had a birthday yesterday?

Yea. We didn’t either. And evidently, Donald himself wasn’t even aware of that fact. Or, worse yet, he knew and just ignored it. Because either way, not a peep of congratulations or even acknowledgment flowed forth from the fat, stubby thumbs of Donald Trump regarding his spawns anniversary of her birth yesterday.

And honestly, that’s saying something, considering Donnie literally tweets about everything. 

And if you were thinking that maybe he missed a “happy birthday” post for his least favorite daughter because he was just taking a hiatus from social media altogether (HAHAHAHA! Yea, right!) you’d be mistaken. The dude tweeted. He tweeted to his little heart’s content about everything under the sun. Just not Tiffany.

In fact, Donnie even actually tweeted out a happy birthday post yesterday. However, it was to the United States Navy — which he evidently reveres and respects more than the spawn of his second marriage.

Of course, this isn’t the first time Trump has snubbed the child he shares with Marla Maples. Back several weeks ago, Donald’s personal secretary was suddenly canned after she got a little too drunk at a gathering and revealed to the media that Trump isn’t very fond of Tiffany and he generally avoids photographs with her as he’s embarrassed by her weight. Because, you know, he’s so physically fit and all.

While I guess it’s a possibility that his dementia-fueled mind just somehow forgot that his daughter was turning a year older yesterday, I honestly find that pretty difficult to believe, considering his oldest daughter Ivanka sent out a weird birthday post on Instagram to her younger sister and I can only imagine that Donnie stalks her social media like a hawk.


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Happy, happy birthday Tiffany! You have grown into an amazing woman, despite my many babysitting fails! 😜

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Whatever his reasoning was for skipping over Tiffany’s birthday, Twitter users were quick to remind him of his blunder:

Keep that up, Donnie, and she’s not gonna vote for you.

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