Trump Seemed To Struggle To Come Up With A Coherent Answer As To What Melania Does Now: “She’s Low Key But Not Actually Low Key”

What a weird answer.

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Former President Donald Trump tossed up a word salad when asked by a Newsmax host what “our great first lady” has been up to since departing from the White House over seven months ago. It’s been reported that Melania goes to the spa at Mar-a-Lago, has lunch, then goes to the spa again, but the twice-impeached one-term president’s rambling answer didn’t seem to clear things up.

Trump spoke of his rally tomorrow night and how there will be “many” signs held by attendees saying they “love our first lady” — and he never answered the question.

“It’s very funny,” Trump said. “She’s a very confident person. She was very successful as a model; she was very, very successful. And she is low key, but not actually low key, but she’s low key, and the people love her. For instance, I’m making a speech in Ohio, where they’re going to have big crowds; they already have them lined up. We’re going to have big crowds tomorrow night, and when I go there, there will be many, many signs. ‘We love our first lady, we love our first lady,’ and a lot of times they show a picture of a high heel, a shoe with a high heel.”

Then he tore into the media.

“That’s when they scammed us; when she went to a hurricane, and in Texas, and we left for Air Force One, and she feels an obligation to be beautifully dressed representing the people of our country, so she walked into the plane wearing, you know, we’re looking great,” Trump said, adding, “and then she had a bag and the bag was sneakers and a sweatsuit and all the things, right? And she got hammered for going to a hurricane that way, you know, etc., etc., and the high heels became a big thing, anyway. They love the first lady and the people, and you don’t read that, you don’t read that, and they, the news loves to keep her out, and that’s okay, frankly, with her, it’s absolutely okay. You understand she’s got a lot of confidence, got a lot of confidence.”

Trump continued to rant about the media as the hosts tried to get him to move on.

“She is a very outstanding person, and the people get it,” Trump insisted. “You know she’d do those decorations at Christmastime. She’d do such a job and then get hammered. She did such a beautiful job around the White House, and with the Rose Garden, she rebuilt the Rose Garden, which was actually a much more difficult thing than it sounds. It’s now good for another 50 years that included all of the wires and all of the everything under the Rose Garden that nobody sees. But it looks like the dashboard of a Boeing 757. It’s complicated stuff, and she did a great job, and the people — I can only tell you the people get it, and they really like our first lady.”


And you’ll notice that Trump failed to answer the question of what Melania’s been up to. It was a simple question, after all.  He’s always been very good at dodging questions, though.

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