Trump Just Launched A Brutal, Nasty Attack On His Own Joint Chiefs Chairman

He's so awful.

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Quite frankly, there’s no one in the world who’s safe from Donald Trump’s ire if they’re not directly serving him in every moment of every day. Over the years, Trump has thrown his own staff, officials, family members, and friends under the bus the moment he feels as though they’re not behaving like the perfect little sheep he expects them to be. Hell, just yesterday we reported on the torture and turmoil the ex-president put his personal attorney Rudy Giuliani through, even when Rudy has long served as one of the only people that would go to bat for Trump no matter what.

Trump made this point as clear as crystal for me when he launched a nasty, unhinged attack on his own, Trump-appointed chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

General Mark Millay went viral this week for his public defense of the study of critical race theory by military leaders. And, of course, it didn’t take long at all for Trump to lash out at the chairman for defending and promoting something that the ex-president doesn’t agree with.

“General Milley, and I watched his statement, it was pathetic!” Trump seethed during a recent call-in interview with Newsmax. “I watched the statements of some others — you’re head of the Navy. It was pathetic and they didn’t talk that way when I was around, I can tell you they didn’t talk that way or I would have gotten rid of them in two minutes!”

But, of course, he didn’t leave it at that. The disgraced ex-president went on to assert that critical race theory was “terminated very strongly” during his time in office and has only now made a comeback since President Biden took his place in the White House.

It’s pretty clear that even after 4 years in the White House, Trump doesn’t have a single clue about how things really work in this country.

You can watch the clip here:

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