Trump Seems To Have Backed Out Of His First On-Camera Appearance After Impeachment Trial At The Last Minute

What is his deal?

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Look, we know good and well that we haven’t seen the last of Donald Trump. The man was officially announcing his plans to run for President of the United States once again in 2024 no sooner than he lost the 2020 election to his Democratic opponent Joe Biden. Multiple times now, since the election loss, he’s made it clear that he’s certainly nowhere near finished with the political limelight he enjoyed at our expense for four years. However, in the weeks following his departure from the White House, Donald Trump has been uncharacteristically quiet.

It could be due, in large part, to his lack of a platform to air his grievances on, after every social media platform from Twitter to YouTube gave him the boot on the heels of the Capitol insurrection that he personally incited. But, it’s beginning to look like his lack of a Twitter account isn’t the only thing keeping him out of the public’s eye. Perhaps, even, it has a bit to do with shame.

Despite his booting from your typical social media, Donald Trump is still a former president, and could easily have a camera in front of him at pretty much any given point if he wanted to. But yet he seems to be hesitant of putting himself back out there.


Today, for example, Trump was apparently set to deliver a public statement at a press conference in Palm Beach, only to back out at the last minute.

CNN’s Kaitlan Collins reports that Palm Beach reporters had gathered for Trump’s statement after they were told to expect the former president to deliver some on-camera remarks today, but Donald evidently pulled the plug on the whole thing.

“Though his staff initially believed Trump would make a statement in front of cameras following his second impeachment trial, that no longer appears to be the plan,” Collins reported on Twitter. “Reporters stationed in Palm Beach have been told a statement from the former president is no longer expected.”

No officials statements or revelations have been made in regard to why Donald Trump backed out of the pre-planned presser at the last minute. But given his behavior over the last few weeks, it seems to me as though he just doesn’t want to be seen. Is someone a bit ashamed these days?

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