Trump Seems To Have Had Yet Another Makeup Mishap During RNC And People Are Beginning To Wonder What The Deal Is: “Melania Must Really Hate Him If She Lets Him Go Out Looking Like That”

Alright. This is starting to get weird.

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Last night, Vice President Mike Pence delivered the keynote speech for the Republican National Convention from Fort McHenry, the place that inspired Francis Scott Key to write The Star-Spangled Banner after Baltimore Harbor was defended by Americans during the War of 1812.

But, in true Trump fashion, Donald simply couldn’t allow his right-hand man to get all the attention last night. So, Donald and his mail-order third wife turned First Lady made an “impromptu” (though, we all know he was planning that appearance days ahead of time) to Fort McHenry last night on the heels of his VP’s speech.

Surprisingly enough, Donald didn’t deliver any remarks during his visit, but he did take to the stage with Melania, Pence, and “Mother” to hold their hands where their hearts should be while country singer Trace Adkins crooned The Star-Spangled Banner and then did a little rendezvousing with the crowd — seemingly sans social distancing guidelines and face coverings as we’re still in the midst of the Trump pandemic.


However, while Donald’s unplanned appearance was clearly an attempt to garner some extra attention when the spotlight was supposed to be on Pence, I’m willing to bet that the attention he ultimately got was not the attention he was hoping for — because a good portion of social media couldn’t pay attention to anything other than that atrocious makeup line the guy was sporting once again.

Check it out:

This is seriously the nth time throughout his presidency that the dude’s been caught with a highly unflattering makeup line encircling his face. And frankly, people just don’t get it. Blending sponges are cheap as hell and it takes less than five minutes to make sure your hairline and neck are the same putrid color as your face.

To say the least, social media had a lot to say:

Dude, seriously. This is starting to get weird. BLEND.

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