Trump Seems To Imply That Afghanistan Elections Are Better Than The United States’ While Living It Up At His Florida Golf Course

You've gotta be kidding me.

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In what we’ve come to know as true Trump fashion at this point, it seems as though Donald Trump made one hell of a mess out of things this holiday season before jetting off to his Florida golf resort where he’s currently vacationing for God only knows how long while the country finishes burning to the ground. However, Trump simply wouldn’t be Trump if he didn’t make a disastrous mess out of things before he took off, would he?

Ahead of his trip down south, the outgoing president vetoed some defense spending and set Congress on an absolute scramble over the COVID relief bill that should’ve been passed months ago at this point. But to make matters that much worse, the guy couldn’t just fly south and shut up for the winter. Even from the comfort of his vacation at his own resort, Donald couldn’t resist the temptation that is his Twitter account. After making a terrible mess out of things before he departed, Donald had the audacity to take to the social media platform and seemingly imply that the United States simply isn’t as good as the war-torn country of Afghanistan — at least when it comes to elections, anyway.

Citing his source as some unknown “young military man,” Donald claimed that this individual told him that democracy in Afghanistan is far better than that in the United States.


“A young military man working in Afghanistan told me that elections in Afghanistan are far more secure and much better run than the USA’s 2020 Election. Ours, with its millions and millions of corrupt Mail-In Ballots, was the election of a third world country. Fake President!” Trump’s tweet from his resort reads.

This, of course, came on the heels of his tweet in which he called the Supreme Court that he stacked “incompetent and weak.”

I don’t know about you, Donnie, but I’m beginning to sense a common factor among all these complaints you have about this nation. Spoiler Alert: It’s you.

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