Trump Seems Upset He Can’t Execute Drug Dealers As They Do In China

Isn't that pretty much suicide with extra steps, though?

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It’s no secret that Donald Trump has a long history of alleged drug abuse under his belt and he’s done more than a little to indicate over the past three years that the habit followed him into the White House. The man displays symptoms of a drug problem on a near-daily basis at this point, and mental health experts, as well as former Trump family employees, have spoken out on the matter multiple times.

Frankly, there’s only so many excuses for the incessant slurred speech, lazy eyes, lack of sleep, and wobbly stance — and none of them are flattering for an individual “leading” an entire country.

So, given all that we know about Trump’s drug habits (or, at least, all that we’re pretty dang certain of at this point) the hypocrisy hit pretty hard when it came to his most recent proclamation.

Trump delivered a speech today at the National Association of Counties Legislative Conference in which he seemed to whine and complain that, as the “leader” of America, he doesn’t have the ability to execute drug dealers on the heels of a “quick” trial, similar to what is practiced in China.

Evidently, Donald feels that China’s lack of Constitutional protections granted to their citizens and their strong authoritarian dictatorship in government allows the Chinese to better handle their drug dealers compared to the US where we have those pesky little things called “rights.”

“You go into China, you say, ‘How’s your drug problem,’ they don’t even know, President Xi doesn’t even know what you’re talking about!” Trump rowdily declared. “They have quick trials, and I won’t even tell you what the punishment is, but let me just say it’s very swift.”

Trump then moved on to admit that he didn’t feel as though the American people were quite ready for the authoritarian rule of China that he deems so “tough” on drug dealers.

“I just don’t know whether or not this country is ready for that, but the only countries that don’t have drug problems are countries where the retribution is unbelievably tough,” he stated.

Honestly, I’m having a really hard time understanding here why he wouldn’t want to implement a law that would essentially end with him executing himself. But then again, I suppose he’d treat this law much like immigration and any other policy or legislation that doesn’t serve his personal purpose — just simply act as though it doesn’t apply to him, right?

You can watch the clip here:

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