Trump Shocked After Denver Sends Him The Most Brutal Message On Massive Building, America Rejoices

No matter where Trump goes, he can't escape how much America hates him.

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Donald Trump loves to try and escape his presidential responsibilities by fleeing Washington, but no matter where he goes he is still reminded that he’s still the President of the United States and that the entire country resents him for it.

Trump has earned America’s hatred and the country has gotten creative in its attempts to fight back. Remember when Trump made those extremely racist and inflammatory comments about African nations being “sh*thole countries?” Well, Trump got a taste of his own medicine thanks to an artist in Denver, Colorado, and the president was forced to eat his words.

A brutal message to the president was sent by local artist BeLove, who decided to paint a graffiti mural dedicated to Trump on the side of a building. The mural portrays Trump’s face, with huge text that says “SH*THOLE,” pointing to his mouth.


In a statement to the media, BeLove said the moral was a way for him to fight against “the president’s outrageous conduct.”

When this started making its rounds, people couldn’t get enough. Here are some of the reactions to the mural:

It’s absolutely brilliant. Thanks to his vile personality, Trump will live out the rest of his presidency with constant reminders of how much his constituents hate him (if he doesn’t get impeached first).

Featured image via screen capture

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