Trump Told Black Female Reporter “You Are Something” After She Pressed Him On Systemic Racism

What a petulant child.

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Systemic racism needs to be addressed in this country following George Floyd’s murder by police officers, and so many other unarmed black individuals before him because it infects the very structure of our society. All lives won’t matter until black lives matter, but where do we start with that sort of change? We start at the top. But that subject is apparently too uncomfortable for Donald Trump to deal with even though the nation needs healing. This president only thinks about himself.

Case in point: Trump delivered a rambling press conference, and when he was pressed about systemic racism in the United States by Yamiche Alcindor, an African-American White House correspondent, the president lashed out. Trump touted the jobs report even though unemployment is at a staggering thirteen percent.

“Black unemployment went up by 0.1 percent, Asian American unemployment went up by 0.5 percent, how is that a victory?” Alcindor asked after Trump suggested a good economy would solve the issue.


Trump shot back, “You are something else.”


It basically went down like this:

Trump once again displayed the opposite of the solution to a problem. As white people, it’s our time to listen, not to dominate a conversation about how others are suffering without listening to their concerns. Our job is to listen, and it’s not hard to do.

However, it’s not surprising that Trump refuses to take a seat and listen since hate crimes have been on the rise since his godawful election. White supremacist groups across the board endorsed Trump for his presidential run in 2016. Trump is part of the problem with systemic racism. Trump typically lashes out at woman reporters, but a black woman reporter is always a favorite target of this president.

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