Trump Told Female Reporter During His Presser “Nice And Easy, Nice And Easy, Just Relax” After She Attempted To Ask Question He Didn’t Seem To Like

He's so intimidated by intelligent women.

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Donald Trump’s informercial-style press daily press briefings that are meant to inform the public on the national crisis we’re all facing after the COVID-19 outbreak has taken over forty-one thousand lives in the U.S. has forced some networks to cut away from his pressers. Trump is particularly defensive today — more than usual — as he lashed out at reporters, called networks “fake news,” defended Paul Manafort, and raised his voice as he became increasingly more unhinged. Trump called some people “human scum” as he stood at the podium while falling apart in front of our eyes.

While throwing a fit over media coverage that’s critical of the president, he said, “They did say Abraham Lincoln had unfair treatment, too.”

To be clear, Trump failed to act on when he first learned of a looming pandemic in November.

A woman reporter for CBS asked Trump why he waited so long to inform the American public about the coronavirus outbreak. Trump really doesn’t like women calling him out, and that’s been evident for years now.

“Who are you with? … nice and easy,” Trump told Weijia Jiang. “Just relax … keep your voice down, please. Keep your voice down.”

“And, you should say, ‘thank you very much for good judgment,'” he added.



The lady is right. Donald Trump failed to inform the U.S. public about the coronavirus pandemic, but he did warn Israel in November. Trump tries to shift the blame on a daily basis while gaslighting the public. The president acts like a child as he whines about media criticism while people are dying.

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