Unhinged Trump Is Asked Why He’s Reading Praise Of Himself During Such A Time, Tells Reporter “You Don’t Have The Brains You Were Born With”

He's lost it!

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The coronavirus is bad. Don’t get me wrong. This pandemic is one of the worst things that I’ve ever seen hit this nation in my lifetime, and I was around for 9/11. People are dying by the thousands with each passing day, millions of Americans are out of work for the foreseeable future, hundreds of thousands of businesses have closed their doors, and people are terrified about everything from contracting the virus to how they’re going to feed their families through the thick of all this.

But if there’s one thing going on in the midst of this catastrophe that’s absolutely not helping a single living soul in any conceivable way, it’s Donald Trump’s daily Coronavirus Task Force press briefings.

These fiascos of his have become a daily occurrence pretty much ever since he determined that MAGA rallies just weren’t a thing he could do anymore, and they’ve quickly gotten just as crazy.

While these pressers never were what I’d call “informative” from the very get-go,  it’s certainly no secret that they’ve gone from a mild annoyance to an all-out “hail me, I’m Trump” show.

Just the other day, Trump used his press briefing to air a compilation of clips that can really only be described as a propaganda video, and despite all the backlash he received over that little stunt, it seemed Donald was still willing and ready to come back for more — this time airing a clip of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo praising him for his response to the pandemic.

Naturally, he was met with backlash pretty quickly once again, as a brave CNN reporter asked him just why on earth he’s showing clips of people praising him when millions of Americans are jobless and thousands are literally dead.

To say the least, Trump didn’t take well to it. At all.

He started by going on a tirade about all the things he’s been patting himself on the back over for weeks before turning to tear into the reporter.

“You’re CNN. You’re fake news… you don’t have the brains you were born with,” Trump seethed. “You should be praising the people that have done a good job. Not doing what you do.”

Seriously, these pressers are getting exponentially worse with each passing day. As if the literal pandemic weren’t bad enough.

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