Trump Tried To Claim That Mitch McConnell Said His Ukraine Call Was “Perfect,” Mitch Says He Didn’t

Uh oh!

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Trump has effectively made a huge mess out of his presidency after he conducted a shady call with the Ukranian president in an attempt to withhold military aid until the country’s leader agreed to investigate the Bidens, one of Trump’s biggest competitors for the 2020 election — a blatant quid pro quo that Trump’s White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney has since publicly confirmed.

And this is the mess that may finally serve as the end of Trump’s reign of terror now that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has officially announced a formal impeachment inquiry against him — which House Dems like Rep. Adam Schiff are wasting no time in getting done.

As a result of Trump’s impending ousting, he’s desperately trying to make it appear as though he has the entirety of the Republican-led Senate in his corner. However, it’s looking like that’s not really the case after all.

Of course, you have the likes of Lindsey “Lapdog” Graham who are uber pissed at Trump’s recent decisions regarding Syria and Turkey, yet they still don’t have the balls to actually denounce the dude. But when it comes to Senate Majority Leader “Moscow” Mitch McConnell, it appears he’s far more ready to put the days of Donald Trump behind him than what POTUS is willing to believe — especially in the wake of veteran diplomat Bill Taylor’s damning testimony to the House Oversight Committee today.

Trump recently claimed that McConnell described his phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky as “perfect” and “innocent.” But according to ol’ Mitchy Mitch himself, that never happened.

CBS News’ Nancy Cordes spoke with McConnell today and reports that Mitch denies ever speaking to the president about the damning Ukraine call. When Cordes pressed the Senator further, asking directly if that meant POTUS was lying about their interactions, McConnell responded with “You’d have to ask him.”

McConnell has already shot down any ideas that he would be burying an impeachment trial should the House pass the vote and move it along to the Senate and did so again today.

“If this were to come over from the House, I’m sure Senator Schumer and I would sit down and discuss coming to an agreement on a process,” McConnell stated. “On the implementation, the balls and strikes, if you will, are called by the Chief Justice.”

I’ll be taking bets on Mitch being to first to vote in favor.

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