Trump Tweeted Doctored Video Mocking Adam Schiff At Impeachment Hearing

What. The. Hell.

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We really should have been ready for an absolutely bizarre Senate trial, because it’s not like the House ordeal was anything approaching normal.

It was pretty surreal with the televised impeachment inquiry in which Republicans feigned to be the real victims. It wouldn’t have been surprising if one of them started crying with cameras rolling. Former Ukraine Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch totally owned the room as she gave her testimony for the public impeachment hearing into Corrupt Donald’s controversial activities. Then, if that wasn’t enough to take in, Trump’s longtime fuckboi Roger Stone was found guilty on seven charges — because he’s a lying piece of shit, that’s why.

In response, Trump threw yet another hissy-fit on Twitter, because why isn’t “Crooked Hillary” locked up? Well, that’s probably because she’s not committing impeachable offenses like he is. Trump is way over his head and likely didn’t even want the job that his rabid supporters gave him. Life is a learning experience but not if you’re a septuagenarian with mental issues.

So, in response to that day’s drama, and for insight into the Trump cabal, the former reality show star tweeted out a doctored video portraying House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) as the whistleblower whose information into the “president’s” phone call with Ukraine’s leader kicked off the impeachment inquiry.


The video was created by a Twitter troll named Logan Cook, who uses “Carpe Donktum” as his username. I can use his real name because he’s already been doxxed before, then he confirmed his identity.

Apparently, this fucknoodle of a “president” thinks trolling is in his job description. We cannot emphasize enough how much of a massive douche this “man” is. Apparently, the “president” is not taking the impeachment investigation seriously, and it might be in his best interest to pay attention. Because, just as Roger Stone obstructed justice, Trump also tried to do the same thing while Marie Yovanovitch was testifying.

Just about everyone in Trump’s orbit has committed crimes, but by all means, keep tweeting, Mr. President, Sir. Oh, and by the way, they serve shitty food in prison. Like, it’s all starchy and shit, and there aren’t any Kentucky Fried Chicken joints on the inside. But, you do you, Mr. President, Sir.

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