Internet Thinks POTUS Has Health Issues After Video Emerged Of Trump Using Melania’s Hand For Support While Walking Down Stairs From Air Force One

This is so weird.

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As Donald Trump deplaned in London for a summit marking the NATO’s 70th anniversary, just before his rambling presser with NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg, the septuagenarian “president” appeared to have trouble getting down the stairs of Air Force One. Keep in mind that this is just speculation, but Trump did seem to have a white-knuckled death-grip on the Third Lady’s hand as she braced herself with the side rail with her other hand as she navigated down the stairs.


Twitter users weighed in.

Insiders previously blamed a combined fear of stairs and dirty handrails when Trump grabbed Theresa May’s hand as they ventured down a ramp in 2017. That’s right, MAGAville, y’alls fearless, alpha-male “president” is terrified of stairs. And he recently showed up at Walter Reed hospital for a surprise check-up that he said will come in different parts and on different years. Nothing to see here, you guys. We do hope, however, that Melanie’s hand is OK.

Featured image via Political Tribune gallery.

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