Trump Was Caught On Video Showing Off His “Athletic Prowess” At Mar-A-Lago And It Can’t Be Unseen

You can't make this up!!!

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Donald Trump is going through a lot right now.

The scandal-ridden former president’s life has been a real-life version of a series of unfortunate events, essentially ever since he was booted from the White House in 2020 and, therefore, stripped of the protections and shield offered by the US presidency โ€” with the last several weeks reaching a significant crescendo that’s shaping up to spell life-altering trouble for the former guy, from multiple directions at this point.

Trump has faced down numerous mounting lawsuits, probes, and investigations from every conceivable angle โ€” ranging from the January 6th Committee’s impending final report, to the New York Attorney General’s massive lawsuit worth literal millions, to the Manhattan DA’s criminal investigation that’s seen Trump Org CFO Allen Weisselberg begin to turn on the crime family, to the bombshell news of the DOJ’s Special Counsel investigation. And, of course, all of that doesn’t even begin to touch on the catastrophic midterm elections that saw numerous losses for Trump-endorsed candidates, and his disastrous 2024 presidential campaign launch that garnered very little support, and a whole lot more disdain as people run out of patience for Trump’s incessant antics.

I can only imagine the former president has begun to reach a point where he thinks things couldn’t possibly get any worse for him.

But it seems he’s desperately trying not to show it.

Former federal prosecutor and popular Twitter user Ron Filipkowski took to his account recently with a video clip of the ex-president, seemingly at his equally scandal-ridden Mar-a-Lago resort, where Trump was once again partying hard with his sycophantic followers at some “black tie” affair or another.

According to Filipkowski, “A guy last night showed Trump his Championship Belt, so Trump decided to show him his Alpha Male boxing skills, which I put in slow-mo so you can appreciate his power and athletic prowess.”

You’d just have to see it to believe it:

As you can imagine, Twitter went wild:

He’ll need those “skills” in prison.

Featured image via screen capture

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