Trump Was Looking Worse Than Ever In Brutally Unflattering Photos Captured By Daily Mail During Controversial Golf Tournament At His Property

He looks worse than ever.

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It seems the stress of numerous, mounting investigations and lawsuits against him is really starting to get to the washed-up, one-term, twice-impeached former guy.

Recently, we reported on the massive, rightful backlash Donald Trump was subjected to after he made the decision to move forward with a fat payday for his Doral, Florida, and Bedminster, New Jersey, properties as a result of hosting a tournament for the Saudi-backed LIV Golf series at his golf courses — despite the fact that Trump himself regularly and openly blamed the Saudi government for the 9/11 attack that cost thousands of lives in this country.

Since our first reporting on the matter, the scandal-ridden former president has moved forward with hosting the controversial golf tournament and continues to openly and loudly defend his disturbing choice.

Trump’s decision to essentially take the side of the Saudi government was bad enough in and of itself. However, The Daily Mail is now out with new reporting on the contentious golf tournament and while we’re certainly still livid over the politics of the matter, we just couldn’t ignore how truly awful the former president is looking these days… And neither could Twitter.

The Daily Mail published numerous photos of Donald Trump on the golf course in their reporting on the controversial tournament and to say that the former president is looking worse than ever these days would be an understatement.

Mike Sington, the Senior Executive at NBC Universal, took to his Twitter account with a batch of unsettling photos, writing, “Trump, frankly, looks like hell…totally out of it, wearing red MAGA hat, accepting blood money, hosting Saudi LIV Golf Invitational at Bedminster. Must be stress of ongoing criminal investigations. No word if any bone saws were found on the course.”

Social media couldn’t agree more:

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The man is just falling apart before our eyes at this point.

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