Trump Went On Fox And Friends To Defend Himself, Appeared To Make It Worse: “I Do Want Corruption”

It must suck to be so stupid.

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Donald Trump has found himself in quite a mess of his own making after he conducted a few shady phone calls with the president of Ukraine and various members of his cabinet as part of a huge attempted scheme to extort the foreign country into giving him dirt on his political opponent, Joe Biden, in exchange for military aid and funding that was already owed to them.

While he wasn’t able to complete his scandal, thanks to one brave whistleblower who came forward and outed him on his corruption, it doesn’t erase the fact that Donald was quite literally locked and loaded to blatantly extort an entire country for his own personal, political gain.

According to him and his GOP party, you can walk into a liquor store, ski mask on, a gun locked, loaded, and pointed at the clerk’s forehead but as long as you got caught before you got the cash in your hand you’re free to go.

However, the Democratic party, a handful of halfway decent Republicans, and the majority of the United States don’t seem to agree with Trump and the GOP’s stance when it comes to the “president’s” transgressions — resulting in the formal impeachment proceedings we’re witnessing now, that’s already landed Trump in the ranks of Nixon and Clinton as an officially impeached president.

As a result, Donald is grasping at straws to defend himself to the public — especially considering the 2020 election is literally right around the corner.

So, in an attempt to smooth things over, Trump went to one of the only places he knows to go, aside from his Twitter account — Good ol’ Fox News.

But, Donald has a really bad habit of sticking his foot in his mouth in the worst kind of way. And that’s precisely what he did during his recent Fox & Friends interview.

Trump did what he always does and attempted to paint himself as the noble knight for the US — except that Adderall addiction or dementia, or whatever it is that makes him so damn stupid, kicked in and he completely botched the whole thing.

Trump’s little slip-up came on the heels of co-host Steve Doocy declaring that Gordon Sondland testified that there was, in fact, a quid pro quo with Ukraine — in which Donald would only give the Ukranian president the aid owed to him and a face to face meeting with Trump himself if he publicly agreed to investigate the Biden’s “corruption.”

And then came his Freudian slip, where he admitted to the world — or at least those that watch Fox News — that he was, in fact, corrupt.

In the process of insisting that’s he’s working his ass off to fight corruption here and around the world, Trump declared, “I do want, always, corruption — I say that to anybody!”

We know, dude. WE. KNOW.

You can watch the clip here:

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