Trumpers Turn On POTUS Over Pandemic: “I’ve Never Seen This Level Of Mishandling My Entire Life”

They have had it.

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Donald Trump’s approval rating is taking a beating, especially among key voting blocs. The president’s approval rating during the novel coronavirus pandemic has decreased among Independents, older Americans, and black voters, according to a new poll. It probably isn’t helping that Trump and his Republican colleagues seem to want to throw seniors in the morgue to save Wall Street, and to make Trump’s economy appear to be healing.

Some older Trump voters aren’t too happy over Trump’s handling of the pandemic, and consequently, aren’t going to support his reelection. The Christian Science Monitor spoke with some lifelong Republican voters who voted for Trump. Tommye and Rody Johnson have been registered Republicans for almost seven decades, and although they had reservations about then-candidate Donald Trump in 2016, they just couldn’t imagine voting for Hillary Clinton, the outlet reports.

But Trump’s tweets, the impeachment scandal, and the president’s appalling response to the COVID-19 pandemic have caused the couple to change their minds, and they aren’t the only ones.

“The people my age, we have become dispensable,” lifelong Charlotte, North Carolina Republican voter Wendy Penk told the outlet. “I’ve never seen this level of mishandling my entire life, and I was around during Richard Nixon and Watergate. This coronavirus situation has just highlighted how inept [Trump] is.”

They are ridin’ with Biden now:

Ms. Penk, like the Johnsons, voted for Mr. Trump last time around, but is now part of a ‘Republicans for Biden’ Facebook group. She worries about her husband’s health, and says Mr. Trump’s handling of the pandemic cemented her decision to vote a ‘straight blue’ ticket in November.”

Ken Holmes, a Republican from Mississippi, said, “We need an adult in the room.”

Holmes recently had a friend die from COVID-19. Mr. Holmes also said that he knows he’s not the only 2016 Trump voter turning on the president, and the final straw for him was when Trump called the coronavirus a hoax.

The crisis “has just confirmed how incompetent [President Trump] is – and how uncaring he is for others,” Holmes said, adding that he’s planning to vote for Joe Biden in November — the first time he’s ever voted for a Democrat.

Trump is literally turning lifelong Republicans into Democrats — even ones from the deep red state of Mississippi. Good job, President Spanky.

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