Trump’s Alleged Foul Odor Became Hot Topic Across Social Media After A Source Claimed Donald Was Kicked Out Of A Steakhouse Over His “Offensive Smell”

Well, that's super gross...

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It seems Donald Trump’s stench has become a hot topic across social media after several different people have brought up the topic of the way the disgraced former president smells in recent weeks.

Not long ago, we reported on comedian Kathy Griffin’s revelation about Donald’s rather pungent order during her time as a guest star on The Celebrity Apprentice. 

Griffin wrote on Twitter (now X) last year, “Oh, God, I was never a contestant. However, I did participate in two challenges. One I did because of my dear departed, beloved Joan Rivers. The other one I did because Trump paid me a bunch of money to spend the day with Liza Minnelli and host a challenge. Liza and I tried to ignore him, but he does smell really bad.”

But it seems the controversial comedian isn’t the only one who has extensive experience with the way Donald Trump smells.

Last month, staunchly anti-Trump former Republican Congressman Adam Kinzinger took to X and wrote:

I’m genuinely surprised how people close to Trump haven’t talked about the odor. It’s truly something to behold. Wear a mask if you can.”

This is a rather gross subject that the infamous Noel Casler has touched on many, many times throughout his years of exposing the Trump family as a former Apprentice employee.

Casler has long made unconfirmed claims that the now-ex-president has to wear adult diapers due to his years of amphetamine use:

Kathy Griffin doubled down on the stench once again with a recent appearance on Mary Trump’s podcast, during which the comedian said, “Donald has a distinct smell that doesn’t really get enough press. It’s like body odor with kind of like a scented, makeup product—you can smell the hair products even outdoors,” causing Donald’s niece to physically cringe.

But it still doesn’t end there.

A video from @bestofajack04 has gone viral on TikTok recently, in which the individual claims to have posted about Donald’s distinct odor in the past, on an old account that he has since lost. While we’re of course unable to verify any of this with complete certainty, the social media user claims that Donald Trump was once kicked out of a steakhouse due to his unpleasant smell.

“Years ago I posted about Trump being kicked out of Keens Steakhouse in Manhattan, where I was eating with my father in 1983, because his smell was so offensive,” the TikToker claimed in the viral video. “This wasn’t an elderly thing – it was 1983. I wouldn’t make fun of Trump today if it was an elderly thing. That’s not what we do on the left. It happens to elderly people. Trump wasn’t elderly.”

The social media user went on to further elaborate on what allegedly happened, claiming, “We didn’t complain. The table next to him complained and the table behind him complained. We smelled it, but my father and I didn’t complain about it. Trump was not elderly. The smell was so f*cking offensive that they finally had to ask him to leave, and he did leave, quietly, right by us and then wafted us. Trump’s been sh*tting all over himself for almost 40 f*cking years.”

@bestofajack04 #trumpstinks ♬ original sound – BestofAjack04

It seems the viral video has prompted several people to recall their alleged run-ins with Donald Trump and his unpleasant odor in the comments.

Frankly, this is one thing that I hope I never have the displeasure of verifying.

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