Trump’s Campaign Advisor Called Reporter A C*nt After Getting Fact-Checked

Yikes, so touchy!

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Donald J. Trump has lost the election and will not be our president for the next four years. However, the movement he started will be a stain that is much harder to wipe away. The rise of Trumpism in the GOP has been the unfortunate side effect of having that bronzer coated con-man in office and it’s not as if the GOP were saints before — far from it — but they have seen that being an asshole is an effective strategy with some and now that political pandora’s box is open.

The fortunate thing, however, is without Trump heading things up, a lot of politicians will realize they don’t have what it takes to pull this off, and things will hopefully return to some form of normalcy. But until then, don’t be surprised if you see behavior from Republicans like that of Trump’s campaign advisor. 

Harlan Hill, an advisor to Donald Trump’s campaign, got fact-checked on Twitter after spreading election misinformation, and the only response he could give for being called out with factual evidence is a bit of this Trumpism:


I enjoyed it when one side of our political landscape’s strategy was more than just to brazenly lie and then be petulant about it. The Trump advisor continued to be an insufferable asshat by claiming he was going to Philadelphia with a team, saying, “this is war.”

I’m going to Philly tomorrow with a team.

This is war.

— HARLAN Z. HILL 🇺🇸 (@Harlan) November 5, 2020


Joe Biden not only pulled ahead in Pennslyvania but won it by a margin so large an automatic recount couldn’t be started, shutting down President Donald Trump from any path to re-election. There isn’t going to be a war, Sir, there is going to be democracy at work and hopefully, after Trump is out of office, ideocracy like this will fall by the wayside.

Was the crisis in Afghanistan surrounding the pull out of American Troops Biden's fault or Trump's fault?

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566 points
Chris Gifford