Trump’s Day Just Got Worse After He Loses Appeal And Must Now Testify In NY Investigation


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Welp, ladies, gentlemen, and non-binary friends — the former president’s day just went straight to shit.

A bombshell new report from NBC News now reveals that a New York appeals court brutally slapped down former President Donald Trump’s desperate attempt to weasel his way out of an under-oath deposition in New York Attorney General Letitia James’ investigation into the former guy’s corrupt family business and their unethical and illegal financial practices.

A panel of judges in the state Appellate Division delivered a unanimous ruling that smacked down an attempt on Trump and his two eldest children’s part to block subpoenas issued by Attorney General James to compel their sworn testimonies in the investigation.

Trump’s attorneys have relentlessly argued that James’ subpoenas should be quashed because the Attorney General’s entire probe is motivated by political bias and is only designed to add fuel to the fire of the Manhattan district attorney’s office’s criminal investigation into the ex-president’s family company.

James won her case with the appeals court, as the court determined that the AG’s civil tax fraud investigation appears to have been “lawfully initiated at its outset and well-founded.”

The Appellate Division serves as the second-highest court in the state of New York. The only place left for the Trumps to go is the state’s highest court, the Court of Appeals, to appeal the Appellate Division’s unanimous ruling that maintains the subpoenas against him and his children. However, to even be able to do this, Trump and his family would have to acquire special permission from the court.

In a statement on the ruling, James said, “Once again, the courts have ruled that Donald Trump must comply with our lawful investigation into his financial dealings. We will continue to follow the facts of this case and ensure that no one can evade the law.”

Read the full report from NBC News here.

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