Trump’s Feelings Will Be Hurt After NFL Star Tom Brady Appears To Pal Around With President Biden

This is hilarious.

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NFL quarterback Tom Brady’s relationship with former President Donald Trump might have just hit a snag after he brought some jokes to the White House on Tuesday, while in turn, President Joe Biden praised Brady. The NFL star said that 40 percent of the country doesn’t believe the Tampa Bay Buccaneers won the Super Bowl, alluding to November 2020 denialism within the GOP after Biden secured a victory in the electoral and popular vote.

Brady seemed to be Trump-friendly while the former guy was in office, but it’s unknown who he voted for. And he skipped out on a trip to Barack Obama’s White House in 2015, and he also ditched a visit to Donald Trump’s White House in 2017, according to TMZ. Still, Brady took a couple of jabs at Trump, with who he has shared a long friendship.

Brady also jokingly said that people have started calling him “Sleepy Tom,” a reference to former President Trump’s nickname for Joe Biden while on the campaign trail, and beyond that.


Biden welcomed the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to the White House on Tuesday to celebrate their February victory in Super Bowl LV with an event held on the South Lawn. The event was Brady’s first visit to the White House in almost a decade.


Trump’s narcissistic brain probably won’t like it that President Biden took a photo with the team, and Brady gifted him a Tampa Bay jersey with the number 46 and the name Biden embedded on the back. According to The Hill, President Joe delivered brief remarks to commend the team’s victory and said that they offered Americans a source of joy during a “dark winter” amid the coronavirus pandemic.

“In the middle of a long dark winter every Sunday, people were able to sit down and watch you play,” Biden said.

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It’s obvious, though, that Brady was taking jabs at the twice-impeached former president, and that won’t go down well with Trump. We’re sure he’s screaming up and down the corridors of whatever Trump property he is currently occupying,  then later sobbing into his MyPillow.

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