Trump’s Former WH Physician Sent President Joe Biden Letter Urging Him To Take Cognitive Test

Person, woman, man, camera, TV.

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Former Trump doctor turned Texas Republican Rep. Ronny Jackson gathered signatures for a letter to urge President Joe Biden to take a cognitive test to prove he is mentally fit to be commander in chief, and we can’t make this stuff up. This is laughable since Jackson, the presidential physician at the time, raised eyebrows in 2018 after he gushed over Donald Trump’s health during a briefing before the White House press corps, touting the now-former president’s “good genes,” and how he did “exceedingly well” on his cognitive test and remarked on his “excellent” cardiac health. “I told the President that if he had a healthier diet over the last 20 years, he might live to be 200 years old,” Jackson bizarrely told reporters at the time. Well, maybe Jackson is day-drinking again.

The Hill reports that Jackson began collecting signatures for his letter during GOP meetings and House votes, and he sent it to Biden and his team.

“Just everything that has been going on for the last year and a half … [Biden] doesn’t know what’s going on, where he’s at. He’s very confused all the time,” Jackson told the outlet.


Jackson claimed that Trump established a precedent for Biden to take a cognitive test. ‘Amid criticism from Democrats that Trump was mentally unfit to be president, Trump last summer said he took a cognitive test at Walter Reed Army Medical Center and had “aced it,”‘ the outlet reports.

“So my point is that President Trump had to submit to that, even when I was his physician. I mean, the precedent’s already been set,” Jackson told The Hill. “We did it and President Trump did it. And Biden, in his position, and his medical team, need to follow the lead now.”

According to the Daily Mail, the letter cites Biden’s “mental decline and forgetfulness,” and notes several of his “gaffes,” and urges the White House to publish the test results immediately.

This is hysterical on so many levels considering that the former president is a raving lunatic, and Jackson gave him a pass. And Trump described the cognitive test he “aced” as “difficult” that Jackson gave him, requiring the former president to remember the words, “Person, woman, man, camera, TV.”

“It was 30 or 35 questions,” Trump told Fox News at the time. “The first questions are very easy. The last questions are much more difficult. Like a memory question. It’s like, you’ll go, ‘Person, woman, man, camera, TV.’ So they say, ‘Could you repeat that?’ So I said, ‘Yeah.’ So it’s, ‘Person, woman, man, camera, TV.’ OK, that’s very good. If you get it in order, you get extra points.”

Then, “10 minutes, 15, 20 minutes later” in the test, “they say, ‘Remember the first question?’ Not the first, but the tenth question. ‘Give us that again. Can you do that again?’ And you go, ‘Person, woman, man, camera, TV,'” Trump said.

“‘Can you do it?’ And you go, ‘Person, woman, man, camera, TV.’ They say, ‘That’s amazing, how did you do that?’ I do it because I have, like, a good memory. Because I’m cognitively there,” Trump added.

Here’s the letter:

Trump’s “Person, woman, man, camera, TV” moment raised eyebrows.


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As we reported, the Department of Defense inspector general issued a scathing review of Jackson during his time serving as the top White House physician, “concluding that he made “sexual and denigrating” comments about a female subordinate, violated the policy for drinking alcohol while on a presidential trip and took prescription-strength sleeping medication that prompted concerns from his colleagues about his ability to provide proper care.”

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