Trump’s Holiday Just Took A Turn For The Worse As Former Appointee Reportedly Will Stand Trial For Jan. 6th Riot

Another one bites the dust.

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The House Select Committee that’s currently neck-deep into their investigation of the events surrounding and leading up to the infamous January 6th riot is undeniably hot on Donald Trump’s tail, with regard to his involvement in the violent Capitol siege that took place nearly a year ago now — namely Donald’s encouragement of his supporters at his “Stop the Steal” rally just outside the Capitol building just hours before his supporters stormed in on Congress, and his refusal to do anything about it once the insurrection was underway.

But it’s not just the ex-president himself that’s under the microscope and looking at some serious trouble once this whole thing shakes out — it’s his people as well.

As the Jan. 6th House Committee works double and triple time on their investigation, other investigators have set their sights on one former Trump administration appointee who participated in the violent insurrection and assaulted a police officer during the event, according to a new report from the Independent. 

According to the new report, the trial for one Federico Klein, a former Trump-appointed employee of the US State Department, who stands accused of assaulting a police officer during the January 6th Capitol insurrection, is now set to take place in September.

Klein serves as just one of thousands of Capitol rioters who are now getting their just desserts as a result of their participation in the riot, as they get arrested and sentenced for their crimes.

At the time of the insurrection, Klein was an employee of the State Department, a position he enjoyed thanks to an appointment from Donald Trump himself.

Just two weeks after the alleged assault on an officer during the Capitol siege, Klein resigned from his State Department position. He was arrested for his crimes in March after several witnesses, including one of his co-workers, happened upon his photo on an FBI wanted poster and tipped off the proper authorities.

Originally, Klein was slapped with charges of obstructing police officers when he allegedly used a plastic shield to prevent officers from securing the Capitol’s entrance during the attack. However, additional charges were lodged against the former State Department employee in August, when video evidence was discovered that allegedly pointed to Klein using the plastic shield to physically assault Capitol police.

The indictment reads that Mr. Klein was “Assaulting, Resisting, or Impeding Certain Officers and Aiding and Abetting.”

Investigators now believe that Klein was one of the first individuals to breach the Capitol on January 6th and claim that the former Trump appointee incited further violence and chaos once inside the building, calling for “fresh people” to fill the Capitol halls.

The report notes that Klein was offered a plea deal over the summer, but ultimately turned down the offer, calling it “unreasonable.”

“In video evidence of Mr. Klein’s participation in the attack, he is allegedly shown pushing his way to a Capitol police shield wall and attempting to grab a shield from one of the officers. He then goes to grab a nearby metal pole to continue the attack,” the Independent report reads.

DC District Court Judge John D Bates said, “What seems to have occurred is, Mr. Klein did something that is wholly inconsistent with the conditions that he is under. He committed a violation, and it’s a serious violation, because he put himself in the position of not being able to comply with the conditions he himself requested.”

It’s only getting worse for Donald Trump and his people.

Read the full report here.

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