Trump’s Incoherent Speech In S. Korea Shows How Unwell He Really Is

This isn't even funny anymore. This is terrifying.

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Donald Trump has just recently departed Japan where he was attending the G20 Summit and made his way to South Korea, where he had a date with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un on the Korean borders. However, no matter where Donald Trump is — whether it’s in Japan where he forgets how to shake hands or right here at home when he slurs his words and loses his train of thought — it’s painfully and terrifyingly obvious that the man’s health is quickly slipping. And yet he continues to be allowed the authority to run our country.

Trump’s mental health, mainly the ever-increasing signs of dementia he’s presenting, have been such cause for concern that a Yale psychology professor has labeled it as a national emergency and several other mental health professionals have warned Americans of his rapid decline. Including psychologist John Gartner who penned an op-ed for USA Today where he explained Donald’s obvious and rapid mental decline.

“In Alzheimer’s, as language skills deteriorate, we see two types of tell-tale speech disorders or paraphasias,” Gartner wrote.

“Semantic paraphasia involves choosing the incorrect words… Phonemic paraphasia, which is linked to the moderate to severe stages of Alzheimer’s, is described as ‘the substitution of a word with a nonword that preserves at least half of the segments and/or number of syllables of the intended word.”

After Trump’s speech in South Korea today, Gartner’s, as well as the dozens of other professional’s, words ring even truer, and as the citizens of America, we should be very concerned.

In video footage posted to Twitter by Vox’s Aaron Ruptar, you can witness the president rambling like a fool, slurring his words, and completely losing his train of thought. And the people of Twitter cannot help but to share the serious concerns of Gartner and those like him — Trump is legitimately losing his mind.

Take a look at this footage:

And you can see what Twitter had to say here:

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