Trump’s Kids Just Suffered A Massive Legal Blow In DC Inauguration Investigation As Attorney General Announces The Case Is Going To Trial, And The Ex-President’s Children Could Be Included

You reap what you sow, guys.

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Donald Trump is about to go down, and it looks like he’s going to take his kids with him, whether they like it or not.

Just yesterday, the family was left reeling after the Trump Organization’s longtime accounting firm served them Valentine’s Day breakup following new information from New York Attorney General Letitia James’ office — leading the firm to announce to the ex-president’s company in an official letter that a decade’s worth of their financial records on Trump “should no longer be relied upon” before completely severing ties with the former guy and his company.

But it seems the Trump family didn’t even have time to recover from that bout of bad news before they were slammed with the next legal blow. And this one is a doozy, folks.

Just this morning, we reported on the bombshell news from DC Attorney General Karl Racine, announcing that a federal judge has allowed them to include the Trump Organization in their inauguration investigation, and the case is now set to go to trial. To make matters even worse, Melania’s own former BFF retweeted Racine’s announcement with her own, revealing that she is set to serve as the lead witness in the case after the Trump family tried to dump all the blame at her feet when the scandal broke.

But it gets worse STILL. 

As Jose Pagliery with The Daily Beast reports, the new inclusion of the Trump Organization in the inauguration funds case now also means the potential inclusion of Trump’s children, namely Ivanka, Eric, and Don Jr. as they all have worked for and are deeply included in their father’s company.

The report notes that Racine is looking to take Trump and key members of his family to court for more than a million dollars that prosecutors claim was used illegally during Trump’s inauguration.

It goes on to note that previously “D.C. Superior Court Judge José M. López appeared to ruin the local attorney general’s investigation when he decided the case could proceed—but dropped the Trump Organization from the lawsuit. His odd reasoning was that Donald Trump Jr.’s financier friend, Gentry Beach, had made a deal on behalf of the Trump Organization without the company’s permission and therefore the company wasn’t really at fault.”

However, yesterday, newly appointed Judge Yvonne Williams overruled the previous ruling, stating that there is plenty enough evidence in favor of including the Trump Organization in the case, including Trump’s family members, writing, “It was erroneous for the court to rule against the district based on the district’s failure to depose… Mr. Beach… when the Court had [withheld] ruling on the district’s request to conduct that very discovery.”

The Beast’s Pagliery says that once again put a target right on the Trump kids’ backs.

“Racine seeks to have the Trump Hotel D.C. pay back nearly $1 million in funds that were spent on what local government investigators describe as self-dealing by the incoming president’s adult kids—Don Jr., Ivanka, and Eric Trump—to personally benefit themselves using money meant to celebrate the nation’s peaceful transfer of power,” the report reads. “At the crux of that alleged scheme is an episode in which the Trump Organization reserved a block of rooms at the Loews Madison Hotel, only to stiff the hotel when more than a dozen expected guests didn’t show up. The company managed to dodge a credit collection agency and pushed off the $49,358 bill to the nonprofit presidential inaugural committee, the PIC.”

Was it worth it, guys?

Read the full report from The Daily Beast here.

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