Trump’s Merchandise Site Selling A Seemingly Bizarre Necklace With Mother’s Day Just Around The Corner

Uhm... What???

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Look, we never expected a whole lot out of Donald Trump when it comes to being a good son. I mean, he’s a horrible father, a terrible husband, probably a god-awful grandfather, and we all know how horrendously atrocious he was as a president — nothing has made us think he’s a bit better as a son. In fact, over the years, multiple reports have indicated that even his own parents never really cared a whole lot for him. He was kind of an embarrassment.

But this… This is weird. This is weird even for the likes of Donald Trump.

As we all know, Mother’s Day is right around the corner; this upcoming Sunday, in fact. Naturally, millions of Americans are currently on the hunt for that perfect gift for their mother or mother-figure, grandmothers, or wife to show them how much they care on this special day meant just for this.


But folks, this ain’t it.

On Trump’s merchandise site, just in time for Mother’s Day, a new necklace is being sold and marketed that’s supposed to be a “single line concho necklace,” but frankly it just looks like the end of a shotgun shell.

CREW research director Robert Maguire took notice of the necklace design today and posted it to Twitter, saying, “Hey folks, if you’re still looking for that perfect Mother’s Day gift, the Trump Store has you covered. Get her this Trump shotgun-shell necklace for just $45, while supplies last!”

“A classic accessory for everyday wear, our Concho Necklace is inspired by our crowd favorite Concho Bracelet!” the site describes the new jewelry. “Perfect for layering or standing on its own, each gold necklace has been delicately crafted to pair well with every occasion.”

According to Texas Unique Stores, a “concho” is a metal disk that typically features “two slits to allow saddle strings to pass through and secure the saddle’s skirts to the saddle tree.” However, if you look up a “concho” on the good ole Google, it looks nothing like a shotgun shell or Donald Trump’s newest jewelry. But whatevs, I guess.

The Trump site didn’t specifically market the new jewelry for the Mother’s Day holiday, but it’s certainly not lost on us that’s it’s literally just a few days away.

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Whatever you do, folks, please don’t buy your mother or anyone else you love and care about a gold-plated shotgun shell that’s labeled as a “concho” with Trump’s name around for $45. Just don’t do it.

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