Trump’s Niece Reportedly Told Judge Her Uncle Hid “Fraud” On Inheritance For Years

This doesn't surprise me a bit.

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Former President Donald Trump has been fighting lawsuits from every angle for weeks upon end now. So much so that Donald has allegedly been complaining to those around him that he’s afraid he’ll be fighting lawsuits from his political opponents for the rest of his life.

But it’s not just Trump’s political opponents he needs to worry about.

Recently, the former president filed a motion to dismiss the multimillion-dollar fraud suit his niece Mary Trump has lodged against him, on the basis that she took too long to file the lawsuit. But Mary Trump is having no part of her uncle’s nonsense, saying that the lawsuit would have been filed sooner had her uncle not covered his tracks so well.


According to a report from the Detroit News, Donald Trump’s niece asked a judge to deny her uncle’s motion to dismiss the lawsuit she filed in September against the former president and his siblings, Robert Trump and Maryanne Trump Barry. Mary Trump claims in her lawsuit that her father’s siblings conspired to skim tens of millions of dollars off the top of her stake in the family business for decades after they were left as her fiduciaries in the wake of her father, Fred Trump Jr.’s, death.

So far, it seems that Mary’s suit against her aunt and uncles rests on the statute of limitations in New York, which is two years from the time the victim “discovered the fraud, or could with reasonable diligence have discovered it.”

The former president, along with his sister Maryanne Trump and the estate of his late brother Robert Trump, now claim that their niece had the opportunity to sue them far earlier than now, based on documents they produced in other legal disputes, including a bitter court battle in 1999 over the family patriarch’s will.

However, Mary claims that she didn’t discover the extensive, decades-old scheme to steal from her until October 2018, thanks to a blistering, Pulitzer-prize winning report on Donald Trump’s finances published by the New York Times. 

Mary claims that any documents handed over to her in prior legal matters either had nothing to do with the fraud allegations she lodged against her family or they were full of false information that couldn’t have possibly clued her in on the scheme that was being used against her.

In a filing on Friday, Mary’s lawyer, Roberta Kaplan, said that the Trump siblings “cannot avoid accountability for their fraud simply because they thought that they had gotten away with it years ago.”

“The offensiveness of defendants’ past conduct — stealing tens of millions of dollars from their own niece — is perhaps surpassed only by the chutzpah of their current arguments for dismissal,” Mary Trump stated.

According to Mary’s brief, the fraud was only revealed thanks to three investigative reporters at the New York Times who had “access and information that Mary did not and never could have had,” including “tens of thousands of pages of confidential records” and invoices, as well as interviews with Fred Trump’s former employees and advisers.

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