Trump’s Own Allies Reportedly Trying To Talk Him Out Of Running In 2024 Because His Reputation Can’t Handle Another Brutal Loss

He's a loser and they know it.

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Donald Trump has been hinting at a third run at the White House since pretty much the moment he lost his second one. However, according to a recent report from The Atlantic, his 2024 candidacy may not actually come to fruition, at least not if his own allies have anything to do with it.

The Atlantic’s Peter Nicholas reports that one of Donald Trump’s former campaign advisors has already worked up a plan to dissuade the one-term, twice-impeached, disgraced former president from taking yet another stab at the White House in the 2024 presidential election, and it seems their plan hinges largely on Donald’s massive ego.

The former advisor who’s remained anonymous reportedly plans to educate the ex-president on what happened to Adlai Stevenson — a presidential candidate from the 1950s who lost two straight presidential elections and never recovered from it. The ex-advisor turned Trump ally reportedly plans to inform the former guy that, should he run and lose again, he’ll ultimately join the ranks of Stevenson as one of history’s serial political losers.

“I think that would resonate,” the anonymous former advisor said. “Trump hates losers.”

Trump ally and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich echoed the anonymous advisor’s sentiments in speaking to The Atlantic. “I don’t think he wants to risk losing twice. Once, you can argue about the outcome,” Gingrich said. “Twice, it becomes a repudiation.”

Trump’s deep-seated hatred towards losing, and especially being publicly perceived as a loser, is nothing new, and more than a few other people who know the ex-president well have shared thoughts similar to Newt’s prediction.

Just earlier this month, Trump’s former national security advisor John Bolton said, “I think he knows deep inside, although he will never admit it, he did lose in 2020 and very much fears losing in 2024 because if he hates anything in the world, he hates being called a loser.”

Even Trump’s own niece, Mary Trump, spoke with Business Insider earlier this year and theorized that much of her uncle’s political activity and claims of a 2024 run for office were really just a ruse to keep the fundraising flowing.

“It’s important to remember that Donald couldn’t care less about politics. He couldn’t care less about this country. He couldn’t care less about the Republicans,” Trump’s estranged niece said back in March.

“It’s all about maintaining the grip on power,” she added. “He thinks on some level it’s going to allow him to continue to operate with impunity as he has done his whole life, and also it’s going to allow him to keep grifting money off of people.”

“I’ve said all along he has no intention to run for the presidency in 2024. He’s going to pretend to,” Mary stated at the time.

Frankly, it seems to me as though everyone around Donald simply knows he’s doomed to fail.

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