Trump’s Own Family Member, Psychologist Pinpointed The Ex-President’s “Most Debilitating Narcissistic Injury” And It’s As Bad As You Think

This was detrimental for Donald Trump.

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If there’s anyone we could trust to have the most trustworthy glimpse into the inner workings of Donald Trump’s mind, it’s Dr. Mary Trump. Mary is not only the ex-president’s blood niece, but she’s also a psychologist with a deep understanding of the way the human mind works, even some of the most narcissistic and unhinged ones, such as her uncles.

Dr. Trump has stated for some time now that there’s really nothing in this world that beats her uncle’s overinflated ego down quite like calling him a loser. But now, there’s no denying that the midterm elections were absolutely detrimental for Donald Trump and the Republican Party as a whole. What they anticipated to be a “Red Wave” actually turned out to be little more than a pink trickle, with many of the ex-president’s hand-picked candidates, such as Pennsylvania’s Dr. Mehemet Oz, humiliatingly losing their asses to their Democratic opponents, resulting in the washed-up former president being dubbed the “biggest loser” — any Mary Trump can all but guarantee that her uncle can’t handle that.

Recently, Dr. Trump sat down with MSNBC’s Mehdi Hasan, where Donald Trump’s niece told the world that what is currently happening to the has-been ex-president is quite literally the worst that could ever happen to her narcissistic uncle.

“We cannot overestimate the extent and size of the narcissistic injury Donald has just suffered,” Dr. Mary Trump said. “I think it’s probably the most debilitating one he’s ever experienced in his entire life. Not simply because he performed poorly in terms of endorsement and in terms of the candidates he picked, but because he can always explain that away, he can always blame somebody else. But the rhetoric that is coming from not just the party that supported him, but that essentially is responsible for him, it’s impossible to ignore.”

Mary specifically noted in her analysis of her uncle that, in Trump’s mind, the single worst thing anyone could ever call him was a “loser,” yet now, he’s being referred to as the “biggest loser” by people from both sides of the political fence, including his own party.

Hasan proceeded to air on live TV a montage of clips featuring numerous Republican figures beating around the bush and failing to commit to throwing their support behind a Trump 2024 run. This Republican milquetoast few of the former guy comes as even Fox News is beginning to beg for either Trump to move on, or the party to move on from him. Ultimately, the MSNBC host asked Mary if she thought these things would end up influencing her uncle’s decision on whether or not he will run in the next presidential election.

“I think in this kind of case with Donald, external forces don’t have as much of an impact on his own need to protect himself, and his very fragile ego,” Mary answered. “I can, obviously, I have no idea what he’s gonna do, or who’s in his ear, but, not running, I mean — not announcing a run would be an admission of something that I’m not entirely sure he’s ready to admit. The other thing about all of these up until now vehement Donald Trump supporters, is that we can’t let them get away with this. Whether they supported him or don’t support him, they’re the problem now. So, allowing them to distance themselves from him, and so-called Trumpism, would be a fatal mistake in my opinion.”

It’s become clear in recent weeks that the GOP as a whole seems to be turning their sights to FL’s Ron DeSantis as a viable Trump replacement, especially after the humiliating midterm elections. Hasan notes in the segment that, back in 2016, Donald Trump pretty much mopped the floors with many a DeSantis-esque candidate, and questioned the former president’s niece as to whether or not she thought her uncle could pull that off again.

Mary ultimately conceded that she doesn’t think Ron DeSantis stands a chance against the unhinged MAGA crowd, though she did warn in a previous segment that, should we truly ever see the Republican party officially turn its back on Donald Trump, her uncle will not hesitate to “burn everything down.”

Watch the interview here:

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